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Maybe the most powerful feeling in the world is “falling in love.” When you can talk for hours and conversations take a deeper dive into what matters it is the stuff that makes your world rock. The love of your life brings you lunch or coffee for no reason other than to make your day. Life has never been sweeter. My husband left a simple pear in my car in college right before a big exam with a post-it note wishing me luck during finals week. To this day I have never forgotten how that impacted my life. He took time to get me my favorite fruit and no one in my life had listened that well to my needs.

Oh, the joys of being blissfully in love. There truly is nothing so exhilarating than finding the one you wish to spend your life with. 

Do you know the personality of your fiancé? How do they manage conflict best and how will your personalities navigate setbacks together? How do you view each other’s support from family and friends? What will direct role models (parents, grandparents, blended family members) impact your relationship? Who is going to be responsible for the trash and the weekly grocery shopping? But when it moves pass just dating and your relationship moves into the discovery stage of wanting to spend your life together, how do you prepare for this next chapter?

All these questions and more will be covered in the SYMBIS Assessment. 

Have you heard of the SYMBIS Assessment for marriage?  Research for those couples who take the extra step to seek premarital assessments and pre-marriage counseling decrease their divorces risk by 31%. 

There will be 2.3 million couples getting married this year. This breaks down to nearly 6,200 weddings a day. The average groom is 26.9 and the average bride is 25.3 years old. And one-third of those getting married each year have been married before. Is it not staggering to think that 41% of first-time marriages and 60% of second marriages will end in divorce?  

What are you doing to invest in the most important relationship of your life. The SYMBIS Assessment can bring success into your marriage. It will help support a strong foundation in building your lives together. The assessment gives you 15 pages of what your partner’s views are on how to handle conflict, how they best like to be communicated with and who is the saver or spender of your happily ever after marriage to be. And if you have already said “I DO”, this assessment is still very beneficial to build that strong marriage you both desire. 

This assessment has been successfully used by millions of couples.

When you hear that the average wedding today costs roughly $20,000 and the average wedding ring $1,200, spending $135.00 on a SYMBIS assessment and feedback session sounds like pocket change. If you would like to know more about how you can have access to this amazing relationship tool, please contact or check out the website We hope you make SYMBIS a part of your love story. 

Lisa Teichmiller

Lisa Teichmiller

SYMBIS Facilitator, Marriage Mentor, Speaker, Wife, Mom, Life Long Learner and graduate of the School of Greatness – Motto in life “Here to Build and Create Great Outcomes"

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