Meet Astrid & AJ

Astrid and AJ share how they met and how AJ proposed.

You will fall in love with this couple. They are charming in real life just as they are in this video. I have to share that we did not have to edit much of their conversation. We were blessed that they were willing to share their SYMBIS story. I hope from listening to their experience with SYMBIS you wish to make SYMBIS a part of your love story.

This assessment is an excellent resource tool for those planning to be married or married less than four years. If you have been married for 5, 10, 15, 25 years and would like to make an investment in your marriage or just have a reboot, SYMBIS has that available too. This is an investment in the most important relationship of your life - your marriage.


Communication is the life blood of marriage

In this video, Astrid and AJ share their testimony on how the SYMBIS assessment helped them take a look at their own communication styles.

What makes the SYMBIS assessment so powerful is the communication between your two personalities. Every one of us is hardwired on how we communicate and how it is best to communicate with us. The assessment allows you to leverage your personalities to have the best conversations and make a custom plan to communicate your best to one another.

Sometimes positive communication has not been role modeled well within our families and this is covered in the SYMBIS assessment and how you can work together to help one another overcome these setbacks from childhood.

It is when difficult times arrive in your marriage that communication lines are kept open to be able to discuss the hard subject matters we would so like to ignore, but as you know anything swept under the surface will rise back to cause even more pain than needed. True intimacy starts with great communication.

In a recent poll, almost 97% who rate their communication with their partner as excellent are happily married, compared to only 56% who rate their communication poor. The recent poll concluded: "In an era of increasingly fragile marriages, a couple's ability to communicate well is the single most important contributor to a stable and satisfying marriage". Taken from Drs. Les & Leslie's book "Saving your marriage before it starts".


Personality Type

The old advice about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes holds true, but what about putting on the same pair of glasses your partner views life through. And you may realize that they are not just being annoying; they actually see and experience things differently than you—and their perspective is as valid as yours. And men and women sometimes speak and hear the same words differently, of course. These guides to the hidden husband and wife ‘codes’ might help you.

We love romantic sparks, but not so much the sparks that make us cause arguments.  Once you have a clearer picture of your makeup and theirs, you also need to understand how the two combine, and that could be difference depending on the situation and circumstances.

People can change as they grow and mature. Not that it’s easy: we tend to prefer what’s familiar, even if it’s uncomfortable. “Well, that’s just the way I am” is not an acceptable response when your spouse expresses hurt or frustration. After all, you probably wouldn’t be satisfied if they said that to you. Just because you have developed to be a certain way does not mean that you cannot change or may not need to change.

Remember that there is a difference between personality and behavior. The first is who we are, the second is what we do. My husband and I know that if we are hungry or tired it is not best to discuss anything of importance or high emotion. We are also both drivers and have learned to give the other one space when discussing difficult subject matters. They say opposite attracts, but we are the exception of this statement.

You will enjoy hearing from Astrid and AJ how they viewed their personality assessment of she being a Cooperative Spouse and he being an Affirming Spouse, so they are both very service oriented, peacekeepers and patient.


How you handle conflict as a couple

What do you both agree or disagree about in your relationship? Conflict is inevitable, even for loving couples. It's the price we pay for a deeper level of intimacy. When you learn to fight a good fight, you can use conflict to your advantage.

The assessment will list your hot topics and the order of importance to you personally. Your partner can view the list and see in black and white what is most important to you as far as when things make you anxious. The list could consist of communication, work schedules, chores, in-laws, holidays, children, etc.

Half the battle is knowing what is negatively affecting your partner and having awareness of how you can address it well or how to work together to bring their stress level to a manageable place of reconciliation.

Turning your back to those frustrations will only bring heartbreak to your marriage in most situations. We desire to be known and understood with those issues that affect us negatively.


One of the monumental moments of one's life is when you get married. Contact Symbis Facilitator to begin your SYMBIS Love Story Now.