Save Your Marriage Before It Starts


Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts sounds like an oxymoron does it not? How can you save something before it starts?

Think about how many weddings you witnessed the beautiful exchange of vows only to hear a few years later those pretty words did not bring a marriage of bliss and longevity.

Do we not get married to spend our life with the one who stole our heart and affections?

One of the monumental moments of one's life is when you get married. Couples spend more investment towards their weddings, careers, and wardrobes then they do preparing for marriage.

SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) is a wonderful resource to have a better understanding of how your personalities work together, how to handle conflict and to provide a deeper look into how you both view life.

Lisa your SYMBIS facilitator is passionate about marriage and relationships because it is the most important decision you will ever make.

If you are serious about a lifelong commitment and plan to share a blissful marriage together, SYMBIS is a wonderful start. I am excited to bring SYMBIS into your love story.

Divorce Stats

41% of Divorced Couples say lack of pre-marriage preparation contributed to their divorce.

Divorce Stats

Assessment is not a pass or fail, but a catalyst for personalized insight and exploring how you can leverage the unique combination of your personalities for lifelong love.

Divorce Stats

Couples are 31% less likely to get divorced if they have pre-marriage training before they marry.


Here are Ten questions the SYMBIS assessment addresses:

  1. What is the momentum of your marriage?

  2. What is your attitude or mindset towards marriage?

  3. How does your personal wellbeing affect your marriage?

  4. How do your two worlds combine on a practical level making sure they do not collide on an emotional level?

  5. Do your financial goals match up?

  6. What are the similarities and differences of your two personalities together?

  7. How do you each define love?

  8. How do you like your partner to communicate with you?

  9. What your top five personal/individual needs are in your relationship?

  10. Are you in sync with your spiritual beliefs as a couple?


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